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Some comments that I've received:


I am absolutely THRILLED with the screens. You do fabulous work; I love the clips to make screen removal easy. I feel like you definitely provided service that truly follows the old motto: Faster, Cheaper, Better.

I will definitely, and heartily, recommend you!

Take care,
Anne Patterson

Hi Bryan:

My wife and I were just talking about what a great job you did on our screens. We have told all of our friends in the neighborhood about you. I certainly hope you get some business from some of them!!

The front screens are amazing (three windows that form one arc), we are so pleased with the way it turned out. We did not do all of the screens on the house, but may very well have you back out to finish some of the remaining screens.

Iíll be in touch!

Casey Hines


I like what you've done. If you ever need a referral let me know, I'm a fan of your work.

Ken Kluvo


Everything looks & works great - even our patio screen doors that you fixed. Please use us as a referral for the future.


Hi Bryan,

Thanks again for the wonderful solar screens. You are such a good deal compared to the other guys I've seen.

John Scherbaum

Some other comments that I hear often:

"These screens look great, you do good work!"

"What a difference they make, the hottest room in my house is now one of the coolest!"

(When giving a price quote) "Is that it? The other guys were so much more!"

"I could immediately see and feel a difference, they really block the sun!"

(Standing out in the yard) "Wow, they really dress up the windows.
It looks like a completely different house!"

"If I had known I could get screens for this price I would have gotten them much sooner!"

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