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How to calculate screen prices (Or you can always email for a free quote.)

Screens are priced per square foot. When measuring width and height round up to nearest whole or half foot.

Pricing per Square Foot including Gilbert/Chandler tax:

Standard screens
$5.00/sqft for Black or Brown Suntex 80%
$5.25/sqft for Black or Brown Suntex 90%

I do not stock the lighter colors due to lack of demand, I can special order them at a slightly higher cost. (see the reason here)

The minimum screen size for pricing is 4 square feet.
The shortest dimension used in calculating is 1.5 feet.
(A 4' by 1' bathroom window becomes 4' by 1.5' or 6 sqft.)

Other charges
Add $15 per screen for high or vaulted installation, ground floor windows only*
Arched or custom windows (including grid work) will be priced individually,
call or e-mail for a quote.
An extra $45 service charge will be added to orders totalling $450 or less.

*If the top of the window is more than 10 feet off the ground it falls into this category. I do not work on 2-story homes.

Where possible I like to keep the maximum width of a screen less than 48 inches. This helps prevent the screen from sagging and provides a nice look outlining each section of glass. Most windows that open horizontally will take two or three screens, one for each section of the window. Smaller screens are also much easier to handle when removing to clean the window or store in winter months.

E-mail window sizes for a fast quote:
(480) 659-9001

Serving the South-East Phoenix valley only