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Featuring Suntex Solar Screen

Suntex by Phifer is a heavy, durable screen made of vinyl coated polyester strands.  Specifically engineered to withstand years of exposure in the harsh sun it is strong and pet resistant.  Suntex is available in five colors and two shading levels (80% and 90%).  I stock Black & Brown which are the most functional and popular colors.   Designed with a uniform weave Suntex allows for excellent outward visibility and good airflow while providing maximum shading protection (nothing shades better than Suntex 90).  It is the leading solar screen on the market today and the only screen that I offer.

Quality Metal Frame and Fasteners

Each screen that I sell is custom made to fit a specific window.  I use a sturdy one-inch aluminum frame that is color matched to the window (the frame comes in all the standard window colors).  A strong frame is key to prevent the screen from sagging, especially a heavier screen like Suntex.  I never use plastic corners or clips that become brittle in the sun, only quality metals that will provide years of trouble free use.  All my screens come with a five-year warranty covering materials and workmanship (any defects, not neglect or abuse).  You shouldn't have any problems with your screens, but if you do just give me a call, I stand behind my work.

You Cannot Buy A Higher Quality Screen!

You may have seen some screen products at home-improvement superstores, but what you won't find is the quality that I offer.  My most popular screen (Suntex 90) is heavier, stiffer, and harder to work with than the products they sell.  The lightweight frame that they carry is not suitable for a heavy screen.  You'll find that I offer an amazing value when you consider the price of materials and the time that you'll save.

Helpful Hints

Some things to consider when deciding on screen colors and shading levels:

  • Darker colored screens may allow a clearer view through the screen
    This is simply because lighter colors catch your eye, darker colored screens tend to disappear and you see what lies beyond the screen.
  • Tighter weave screens (Suntex 90) will noticeably shade your room
    The effect is similar to when a cloud blocks the sun, your view will "cool" and the sunlight coming into your room will be reduced.   The effect with 80% screens is minimal, you still get moderate shading protection with almost the same sunlight illumination.

  • Darker colored screens shade more effectively
    Tests have proven that darker colors are the most effective at blocking the sun.  This is due to less light being reflected through the screen toward the glass.  Darker colors are the most functional and the most popular, so I offer Black and Brown at the lowest price.

  • Tighter weave screens (90%) provide the maximum privacy benefit
    Maximum privacy, maximum shading, maximum protection:  It's quite logical, very little direct light gets through so it's nearly impossible to see in from outside during daylight.  (See the Q&A page for more on this topic.)

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